Projects and Activities

Il Maggio dei Libri 2021

Il Maggio dei Libri was an event published on our fb page with several moments of reading shared with our students. For the event we had two truly exceptional reader guests: Valentina Di Leva, LIS performer (Italian Sign Language), and Martina Di Leva, actress. Accompanied by music, they interpreted selected passages taken from “History of a seagull and the cat who taught her to fly” by Luis Sepúlveda. We flew too, with our imagination!

Il Maggio dei Libri 2021-2
Il Maggio dei Libri 2021-1

Bye Bye 2020... Welcome 2021!

We organized a party to say goodbye to 2020 and welcome 2021. We had a lot of fun, playing and dancing with the teachers and our friends!


Il Maggio dei Libri 2020

This year, on the occasion of “Il Maggio dei Libri”, we organized an online event on the facebook page of our school. Our guest reader from Rome the author Marco Cinque has read and interpreted passages from two books focusing on the culture of the Native Americans and played an instrument – the ethnic flute. Respecting different cultures even those very different made us discover the world and ourselves. Mark Cinque taught us the Cherokee greeting! Then WA-DO…. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Italian Language Week in the World 2020

This year we celebrated the Italian language with the Supreme Poet: Dante Alighieri! But we also had a guest who had fun with us, the Consul of Italy in Izmir Valerio Giorgio. We drew a large map of Italy in the middle of our garden. We matched the cities and their symbols on the map. We had two exciting days full of creative workshops!

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Carnival 2020

Space!… Our Carnival theme. Clouds, planets, rain and much more were our costumes. Pulcinella and Corallina came to school and wanted to play with us. Together with them, we played balance and coordination games, transforming ourselves into skilled transporters of delicious pizzas.


New Year 2020

The New Year is coming and we are welcoming it with joy and energy. We greeted our special guest, Santa Claus, we danced, sang and played. Santa Claus brought us gifts!


Libriamoci 2019

As each year, the primary school and kindergarten participated to Libriamoci. Reading days in schools. Two of the proposed themes by Libriamoci were chosen: “We will save the world” and “Gianni Rodari: the wordsˊ game, between sounds and colors”. The activities involved the whole school and our guest was Buket Kasalı, academic coordinator of the Italian Language Department at the Ekonomi University of Izmir, with whom we built puppets using waste material. We had a small show with the puppets, using our little “Ecological Theater”.


Italian Cuisine’s Week in The World 2019

Italian cuisine is famous all around the world, and one of its most popular dishes is pizza. For this reason we decided to prepare it all together at school. As real pizza makers, we knead the dough, put the tomato sauce on it and baked it!


Tutum, Yatırım ve Türk Malları Haftası 2019

The week dedicated to local products has been celebrated at school with many different activities. After creating a map of the products growing and produced in Turkey we prepared a tasting table to present them geographically. We discovered more about Turkish carpets and made one for ourselves.


An Unusual Picasso

A French artist, Bernard Pras, installed his masterpiece at İzmir Fransız Kültür Merkezi. He reproduced Dora Maar, a famous painting by Picasso, only using recycled materials. It was really great!



We went to admire the great Pablo Picasso exhibition at Arkas Sanat Merkezi. There were paintings, costumes and objects designed and created by him. It was fun creating our “Picasso face”.


Italian Language Week in the World 2019

The Italian Language Week in the World 2019 was celebrated in our school. The linden of our garden was transformed into the… Italian language, and we spoke with her. Surprisingly, the Indians arrived danced and sang in Italian. The Italian Consul of Izmir Valerio Giorgio and the President of the Com. It. Es. of Izmir Maria Elisa Sponza also had lot of fun with us.


Earth, a planet to love

The Earth is the wonderful planet in which we are living. For the global week dedicated to  climate changes, we recreated the contaminated earth and water that we wish not to see anymore.


International Day 2019

We participated to the international event held in NATO base of Izmir. In the photograph, together with us, the Italian Consul of Izmir Valerio Giorgio and Cinzia Braggiotti representative of the Arkas Education and Cultural Foundation.


School’s opening ceremony for the year 2019/2020

A new school year is going to start and we are very excited and willing to do many things. During the opening day the Italian Consul of Izmir Valerio Giorgio and Cinzia Braggiotti from Arkas Education and Cultural Foundation came to visit us.