Our Projects

Italian Cuisine’s Week In The World 2019

Italian cuisine is famous all around the world, and one of its most popular dishes is pizza. For this reason we decided to prepare it all together at school. As real pizza makers, we knead the dough, put the tomato sauce on it and baked it!

Tutum, Yatırım ve Türk Malları Haftası 2019

The week dedicated to local products has been celebrated at school with many different activities. After creating a map of the products growing and produced in Turkey we prepared a tasting table to present them geographically. We discovered more about Turkish carpets and made one for ourselves.

A plate full of fruit!

We are having fun learning the names of the fruits in our English class.

One balloon, one face

We are learning the parts of the face by playing and having fun in our English lessons.

Fruits and vegetables for sale!

In order to learn the use of money for shopping in Turkish markets we have to practice. We had spontaneous conversation between buyer and seller. Someone even asked for a discount!

Greetings... in Turkish!

Speaking in Turkish using puppets is so fun! We learned greeting sentences and with games we improved our Turkish.

Nuraghi... Do you know what they are?

Some ancient Italian people were really interesting; for example, Sardinians! Historians still do not understand what the nuraghi structures were used for, and this really intrigued us. We constructed our own nuraghi.

Ali Baba’s farm

We learned the song “Ali Baba’s farm”. We had so much fun creating a storybook about this song. We know the names of the animals in Turkish now.

Yerli Malı Haftası

On the occasion of the Yerli Malı Haftası we all brought to school different kinds of food produced in Turkey. Nuts, peanuts, figs, popcorn and much more. We have learned that the land we live on, offers us so many nutritive and tasty products.

Let's create a magazine... and learn what type 1 diabetes is

A brochure published by Lilly Diabete Italia which has Disney comics has inspired us: “Coco goes back to school”. We imagined that Coco was one of our classmates and that he would explain us how we can live healthy even if we have type 1 diabetes, following very specific rules.

Tiramisu ... so delicious!

2018 is the international year of Italian food in the world! We all became “Italian Chefs” for a day and we prepared a delicious tiramisu to taste it at home with our families.

Not only that, we also watched a really funny cartoon, and we discovered that we aren’t as messy as Duffy Duck is!

Miniature Project

We prepared a small model of Alsancak with lego and soft clay. We learned French vocabulary for directions and transportation.

Solar System

The Universe still has many secrets … Planets, stars, asteroids and much more! Our Solar System is also composed of these, which we have tried to reproduce using the knowledge we have learned.

World Water Day 2018

For the World Water Day, on March 22nd, we talked about the importance of this precious source by writing and drawing our slogans. Protection of our environment from pollution is very important for our future.

Eat Healthy Be Healthy

Under the project “Eat Healthy, Be Healthy” we went grocery shopping and practiced Turkish. First we prepared our shopping list and then filled up our baskets. We learned while having fun.

Emotions project: Games to remove anger

We started the project by building “Cassetta Rabbietta”, a special mailbox in which we will put letters expressing our emotions.

Nutrition friendly school

All classes are working hard for our Nutrition Friendly School project.

Vive la vie


– The 7th of October, during the Smile’s World Day we planted spinach, rocket salad and herbs’ seeds.

– With our hands we created small holes in the soil in order to plant the seeds.

– In our botany laboratory we watered the plants. Now it’s time to wait to see the first sprouts.


– It sprouts up!!! Our French teacher chooses two students to water the plants every week. They will receive a medal for the work done.

– We will all help, and we are so excited for it!

– Plants grow! We are looking forward to taste them!